Apply For Funding: Founders Genie

    Fill this form to apply for funding at various funding partners of Founders Genie.It is advisable to keep the following documents handy as they could be required for completion of the application:

    1. Pitch Deck (Typically 10-12 Slides)
    2. Financials
    3. Business Plan
    4. Demo Video of product
    5. Founders Video Link - 1 Minute video introducing the founders
    6. Certificates or Recognition documents
    7. Intellectual property documents

    The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form

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    I am aware and accept that Investment Facilitation fee for total amount raised via Founders genie (CXO Genie LLP) shall be charged. This amount will be payable within a week of total funds received in the startup’s bank account. A postdated cheque (PDC) of this amount + GST will be submitted at the time of final Termsheet. Founders Genie can encash the cheque on receipt of total funds by the startup. Funding amount will be discussed and signed off before starting the process. The Investment Facilitation fee is 2% of the total amount raised. *

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    Application Review

    Please ensure that this application is complete and all founders have filled out their profiles before submitting your application for review. The answer to this question must match the number of profiles filled. Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed, regardless of whether the deadline has passed or not. Applications must have at least one founder to be submitted. A video URL is required in order to submit. Number of founders stated should match the number of profiles filled. *