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About Us

Founders Genie is an exclusive, “by-invitation only” community formed to bring together like-minded founders with the common objective to solve any given problem within 15 minutes. We aim at easing the entrepreneurial journey of founders, by providing an ecosystem to grow together. As a member of the community you can engage in pertinent discussions, approach subject matter experts (SMEs) of varied domain, refer and hire pre-verified candidates, apply for funding, avail 1:1 mentorship services, discover vendors for your business needs, look for a co-founder and much more!

Meet some of our founders

Jullia Siger

Web Designer

Claire Divas

Web Designer

Makhaia Antitni


Harry Steve

Web Designer

Ebony K. Hedrick

CEO & Founder

Craig B. Hoffman

CEO & Founder

Rodney J. Sabo

CEO & Founder

Hobilar David

Software Engineer

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Our Offerings and Initiatives

Funding Tie-ups

Finance is the lifeline of any business keeping this in mind Founders Genie has tied-up with leading funding institutions and incubators across the country to provide not only the best funding opportunities but also support founders to be investment ready.

Saarthi Mentorship Program

Using your experience in the right way, Founders Genie has come-up with the unparalleled mentor board which can be of great value to all new age founders and will help them to meet their future goals. It is curated to help founders to bring out their best and work towards business betterment.

Find a Co-Founder

Every start-up founder needs the right co-founder to create a perfect partnership. Here at Founders Genie, we take care of your compatibility needs and provide you with a large pool of candidates referred by CXO's to offer you the most compatible co-founder for your start- up.

Talent Solutions

One of the biggest challenges the founders face today, is finding the right talent. Get access to pre-referred & pre- recommended candidates, coupled with the power of our AI enabled platform, making hiring the right talent faster, easier and lucrative for you & to enable quick hiring process for you and your startup.

Masterclass – Webinars

Founders Genie Masterclasses are a series of webinars on topics that matter most to Founders. Subject matter experts on the specific topic are invited to conduct learning and mentorship sessions where they deliver powerful content, have insightful discussions and tailored learning opportunities.

Rejuvenate Series

Founders Genie Rejuvenate program is curated to help founders create the right network. It is an opportunity for founders to discover opportunities through other founders, get to know experts, connect while having fun and understand the way to create a better work place for their employees.

Our Testimonial

What our client’s say about us

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Michael M. Yates
Senior Manager
Our Testimonial

What our client’s say about us

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Michael M. Yates
Senior Manager

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For Membership Queries

  • Abhisek Bhagat
  • +91 93199 98224
  • info@foundersgenie.com

For Alliances & Partnerships

  • Divyansh Dhaka
  • +91-931-929-8213
  • divyansh.dhaka@foundersgenie.com


Founders Genie is intended to be a network of thousands of founders (Currently about 1200+) who come together to solve real life problems, all in 15 Mins. It is one of the various forums under the umbrella of CXO Genie with the common purpose of solving any given problem for any Founder.

The primary purpose of Founders Genie forum is to solve real life problems being faced by entrepreneurs and founders in 15 mins. Secondary purpose is networking with fellow entrepreneurs globally. Nature of queries range from request for sharing contacts of experts, seek advice on funding/financial/business aspects, open jobs, referring candidates etc. However, we do not allow sharing Forwards, Jokes, Images, wishing on birthdays, anniversaries, on festivals, National holidays, political opinions, etc. This helps us maintain focus on proving solutions to problems on the forum. In case a member feels strongly about sharing any forward, the member must donate 200 points for each such share. Members are however allowed to share their personal achievements on the group. Example: Founder award etc. We encourage members to congratulate or welcome members on a 1:1 basis only, thereby connecting with them on a personal level.

This Forum is a closed group and is strictly on invite or referral basis. The referral has to be by the existing member who is personally known to the new member. The intention is to have like-minded people on the group, who are willing to either benefit from the group or contribute to it. The decision of providing membership to the group solely rests with the CXO Genie management team. If you have got this note as a part of the invite or from an existing member, you can register your interest on the following link and we will reach out for a conversation. https://forms.gle/6tRbhUHd8Yvpcs7H7